Finding our Normal

At times moving to China sounds absolutely crazy– so crazy it sounds like an exaggeration– like, “well it’s not like we’re moving to China.” But Alex and I are moving, and, honestly, there is a lot that feels very normal about it.We have met with a lot of bureaucracy;¬†there have been stamps to acquire, necessary notarizations, and one very strange, seemingly antiquated physical. There have been very normal periods of procrastination; those free Chinese lessons have been sadly¬†underutilized. We are still spending time with our families, still seeing many of our friends, and (lately) spending a whole lot of time watching the Olympics. But this period of normalcy is a blessing, like a deep breath before a jump into cold water. As we think about our future in Beijing, it is also a sweet time to be reflecting on the things we love that makes life normal for us. We might not be able to see our families and friends, and like all things, the Olympics will sadly come to an end. But our “normal” will continue to be the times we share and the life we create. Our normal may not seem familiar to anyone else, but we are excited to create it together. Over the next year, we will be sharing our normal, happy, sad, and funny experiences here. We hope you enjoy keeping up with us!


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