Albus Lowry

So, I haven’t updated the blog in a while. Like everyone else I talk to, we are very busy! But in this business, I have neglected to inform the world that there is a new member of our family, Albus! We heard about him through our real estate agent who had seen a social media post from another expat about an abandoned pup. The expat, Brandon, had seen the little fellow left outside his apartment building. There was no one around and it was near freezing. Albus was very friendly and just followed Brandon around looking lost. Brandon decided to bring him home to help him. He brought him to the vet the next day and started treating the cold Albus had developed from being left outside for so long. Brandon really liked him, but unfortunately Brandon’s other dog did not like sharing the apartment or the attention he was used to, so Brandon posted some pictures of Albus hoping to find him a good home.

We saw the post, contacted Brandon and arranged to go down and see him the next day. When we arrived a happy, friendly, curious, seven-month puppy wagged his tail at us and we went on a short walk. We immediately decided to bring him home, and Brandon and hisimg_2149 wife were very happy to have found a good home for him so quickly.


This was a few weeks ago, and Albus is a cuddly, playful part of our lives here. Whenever we come home from work, he starts jumping as high as he can with excitement. He loves playing fetch and trying to get on two people’s laps at once. He had some trust issues with Chinese men and street sweepers at first (we don’t know why), but has chilled out some since he’s been here with us. The first time he saw Carson, he was very freaked out, but after Carson lied in the floor for an hour, Albus reevaluated him and Carson is now a kind of third parent. I like to think we are making our dog less racist by loving him and bringing over our Asian looking friends. In summary, expect lots of photos in the future from his mildly obsessed parents, the Lowrys.


model status on our first (and only) snow day


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