A week in my shoes

While living in Beijing may seem really foreign and exciting, it’s not that different from being back home sometimes. We, like most people, have a weekly schedule mostly dictated by work. I typed out a quick outline of what my week usually looks like from the start of my work week through the weekend.

Thursday and Friday

9:00 wake up

Maybe afterward I’ll feel inspired to go to the gym, or I may stay in my pajamas and read my kindle instead.

1:45 take the subway to work


this little gem is 3 years old

2:30-8:15  lesson planning followed by teaching 3 classes to wee 4 and 5 year olds

9:00 Alex and I pick up street food or takeout and eat dinner in our apartment, usually joined by Carson. We’ll also usually watch a movie or an episode of Downton Abbey after.

*On Friday, I go to work a bit earlier for training and only teach 1 class.


Saturday and Sunday

6:30 wake up and take out Albus. Usually by the time we get back, Alex has made coffee


slightly older kids


7:15 leave to take the subway to work

8:15-6:30 prepare for lessons and teach 5-7 hours of class. On the weekends I teach preschool children all the way up to high school age kids. I might also do a demo where I teach a sample class to potential kids while their parents watch to get an idea about what EF is like.

7:15 Alex and I can eat at a nearby restaurant or get more takeout. After our long days, we’re really tired! More Downton and downtime here.



back to the 3 year olds!

Pretty much the same as Thursday and Friday, but you have the satisfaction of having gotten through the weekend. Alex usually goes to an internet cafe to play League of Legends with his coworkers to unwind after work.

Tuesday and Wednesday

These are our days off, so we could do anything: errand running, grocery shopping, short trips, img_3209exploring Beijing. Last weekend we had afternoon tea, saw a classic movie at a wine bar, had lunch with friends, went to IKEA, played basketball and went to a birthday celebration/game night. The weekends definitely have the most variety, and we look forward to them a lot!

So that’s about it on my week. There are obviously exceptions, like holiday parties, but that gives you a snapshot of what my life looks like here. Alex and I wish everyone a very happy new year!




I think I was trying to explain scary…



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