My favorite food in China

Living in China has expanded my culinary experiences to include things like spicy Sichuan hot pot, stir fried entrails (not recommended), and fruits I had never heard of- pomelo anyone?  But, my absolute favorite food here is cow-leng-mian (spelling and characters uncertain). This delicious street food is kind of like China’s answer to the quesadilla. I’ve bought and chowed down on probably 100 of these by this point. Last time I picked some up, I took pictures of the process to share.

Step one:

Get out your noodle tortilla.


Step two:

Crack an egg on top of your noodle tortilla. Pro strat- do two at a time.


Step three:

Flip the whole thing so that the egg is now frying on bottom. Brush chili over everything with your large paintbrush, hopefully not used to actually paint a house.


Step four:

Season generously. Available seasonings include atomic spiciness, cumin, sesame seeds or sugar. You can pick one or more options. My go-to is usually a little spice, vinegar (coming later) and sugar. Strange and awesome.


Step five:

Add your fillings. I usually go for the classic- cilantro and onions. Alex likes his with cilatro, onions,  and a hot dog. I think the hot dogs are similar to mystery meat. If I accidentally get the weird hot dogs, Albus is all too happy to help me dispose of them.

Also, keep everything nice and hot with a bit of vinegar or water, your choice.



Step six:

Roll everything into a burrito shape using your cutlery or construction grade spackling knife.


Step seven:

Cut it into bite sized pieces with your spackling tool.


Step 8:

After it’s put into the nice little cups, run back up to your apartment and eat it while it’s still hot.


Step nine:


Share, or don’t, really your call.


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