Hometown Heroes


So, fun fact, at my center I bear the title, “Social Coordinator.” Basically, I set up a social event for the office once a month. Past events have included eating at new restaurants, picnicking in Olympic Park and (most recently) going to a soccer match. Here in Beijing, our team is Beijing Guo’an. Our colors are green and one of our biggest rivals, Tianjin, played at Workers Stadium last week.



We were able to all get seats together and cheered where appropriate. Some of the cheering was definitely  not appropriate. My boss, Nathan, translated one of the cheers as, “Tianjin– yeah– f#!* your mothers!”


not shouting obscenities

The guy behind us joined in on some of the occasional chants. He also proudly displayed the “Beijing Bikini.” Sadly seeing guys sporting this look is becoming quite common as the temperatures sometimes hit over 100.


he’s totally posing

It was a good day in Beijing as Guo’an triumphed over Tianjin with a 2-0 scoreboard. While neither team is particularly good this year, it was still fun to go out and cheer for our local club. As the Chinese Superleague continues to spend millions recruiting international players, we hope the quality will also improve. In the meantime, Alex is anxiously counting down the days until Chelsea and Arsenal will play a friendly in the Bird’s Nest Stadium. Fingers crossed for a Chelsea win!


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