Warrior Pose

Alex and I were both lucky in that our parents came to visit us this year. Alex’s parents came at the beginning of May, and we had a great time in Beijing! My parents came near the end of June and we got to do a bit of travelling outside of Beijing as well. To start, it’s been a very different kind of trip. Obviously, as a child, my parents picked, planned and executed vacations. As an adult with some experience travelling in China, I planned most of our trip this time trying to pick things I thought everyone would enjoy. Mom wanted to see the Terra Cotta warriors and my dad hates cities (especially mega cities like Beijing). On Saturday, we flew to Xi’an in Shangxi Province to fulfill mom’s wish to see the warriors.

Xi'an China

The lowdown– the first emperor of China was pretty involved with preparations for his final abode and had an estimated 8,000 life size statues of warriors, horses and chariots buried with him. I guess he was just really afraid of afterlife karma.


In the first pit, they have lots of these guys that have been put back together and displayed in a huge aircraft hanger building.

In other parts of the facilities, they have another pit with warriors, another part where they are still uncovering new finds and a small museum with some smaller reconstructed bronzes.

It was truly incredible to see this UNESCO world heritage site after seeing so many photos.

World Heritage Terra Cotta Warriors

The same day, we also ate biang biang mian— a Xian noodle famed for it’s deliciousness (sooooo good), but also its really complex Chinese characters. Look at how many strokes it would take to write that!

Biang Biang noodles, Xi'an

So, all in all, we had a very productive day. We flew from Beijing, tried some delicious local food, and saw the world famous Terra Cotta warriors. Not a bad day. Stay tuned to read about what we’ll be doing for the rest of the trip!


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