Inner Mongolia

After we left Shanxi Province, we headed to a region of China I had never been to before—Inner Mongolia. Our first day was spent travelling and settling in to Hohhot. Because Inner Mongolia is really big geographically and sparsely populated, public transport wasn’t much of an option for our trip. Instead, I had booked us a driver and tour guide for two days. Tuesday morning they picked us up from our hotel in Hohhot and brought us to the Xilamuren Grassland.



We rode horses and checked in to our yurt for the evening.

The sunset was beautiful, and the only thing spoiling the atmosphere was the extra sales our guide was trying to push us into (more shows, fancier food, etc.). Basically, the place we stayed at was super touristy, but also very pretty.


By the next day, our guide had figured out that we weren’t into big add-ons and the day was much smoother. We drove back through Hohhot to the Resonant Sand Gorge. I had heard that this desert was famous for the acoustic effects of the sand. I expected to see this unique landscape and enjoy the picturesque sand. Instead, it was an amusement park! We rode a cable car into the park and then rode in a sand cruiser trussed up like a pirate ship into the first area.


In the first area, there were lots of attractions to choose from: four wheelers, sand scooters and zip lines. We checked it out and then rode CAMELS to the next area.

Fun fact: camels were actually a really popular form of transport in China and were heavily utilized in trading routes.


At the next area, we watched a show and then rode a train to the sand sled area before heading out. Basically, the day was totally different than I had expected, but it was super, super fun.


Inner Mongolia has never been the top of my travel bucket list, but all-in-all we had a fabulous time!



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