My Michael Phelps Moment

Pano of Olympic Area, Beijing Water Cube and Bird's Nest

The Water Cube may be most famous as the spot where Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal in a single Olympic summer. On Wednesday, I also trekked to the Water Cube which has since been re-purposed from an Olympic area to an indoor water park. He won 8 gold medals; I rode 5 waterslides… basically the same. What happened was, our company, EF, hosted a summer party to kick off the start of summer camps that I’ll be teaching for the next six weeks… bleh. But at least we got a party out of it. We rubbed on our matching temporary tats and headed in.

Water Park, Water Cube, Summer Party

The walls looked like the classic water cube, but the layout looked like an illustration for a Dr. Suess book.

Inside of Beijing Water Cube

They had all the water park classics: a lazy river, rides with floats, and a super amazing one-person ride where you get into a machine and then after a countdown, the floor vanishes and it shoots you straight down before sending you back up into an almost loop. It was amazing!!!!!



Afterwards, some of us went out for pizza. This Chinese lady came over and just started talking to us about safety in the U.S. and why she liked Trump…. random.


But all in all, we had fun and got a chance to see how the Chinese government has given a new life to an Olympic location. Now time for camp!

Beijing Water Cube at night


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