8 Photos for the First 8 Days of Camp

For the next two weeks, Alex and I are working 6 days per week. Our more intense schedule is the result of a summer course we are teaching. It’s been hectic, but we’re 8 days in, and here are 8 snapshots from the week.

  1. Love it or hate it, Ed Sheeran was in the opening of Game of Thrones. I personally liked this meme:

Ed Sheeran meme

2. And then our sink broke. Of course, it was 20 minutes before 8 people came over to watch Game of Thrones. And then it took 4 days to get fixed. It sucked.



3.  But then I picked up these beautiful flowers. I’ve been happy every time I’ve looked at the table.



4. But I’ve also started looking at jobs this week. Unlike the flowers that make me happy, LinkedIn is starting to make me queasy every time I start looking at it. Yuck!

Linked In sucks

5. But good news– the street food outside our apartment has been on point this week. Of course, there’s been cou leng mian, a.k.a. my favorite food in China, but also also a new kind of pie and some grilled meat (chu’ar). Nom nom nom!


6. At work, I’ve got some new kiddos in class. I taught these guys “3 Blind Mice.” In my other summer course, I explained “global financial crisis.” Hard to say which one was more fun…


7. More fun stuff = Wednesday night game night! I’m always super impressed by our Chinese friends who are good at Avalon even when we’re speaking exclusively in English– so impressive.


8. And last but not least, I passed this guy for sale on the way to work. He probably didn’t have a good end to his story…


That’s it for me! Hope everyone has had a great week too!


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