Chinese Cupcakes

When I came to China, I was prepared for a year without bread. But, much to my surprise, there’s a bakery on nearly every corner. There are cupcakes, baguettes, tarts… everything I had at home. My favorite place is a chain called Paris Baguette and luckily enough for me, there is one in my building at work and another within walking distance of the apartment.


The bakeries here mostly have a similar aesthetic– clear glass cases where you can select your favorite pastry, put it on your tray and bring it to the register to pay.


The sweet:


The (slightly) savory… cheese filled bagel? Yes, please!


Alex’s favorite breakfast food:


And meat floss because, China…. something I avoid at all costs.


But, yes, Paris Baguette is amazing. You should check it out if you see one!


Avocado smoothie… so good!


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