Then and Now, A Home Tour

The past year, we’ve had a lot of changes, and this has been true in our home as well. I first put up photos of our apartment in this post, Home Sweet Home, and I thought it would be fun to do a follow up where you can see the changes we’ve gone through. I realized while taking the photos that the overall look is quite similar, but the real changes have been storage and organization. While I don’t want to bore you with photos of my organized cleaning supplies under the sink, I hope you will enjoy the before and after pictures of our apartment.

The first space on the tour is our living room. As you can see, Carson is our favorite statement piece for this room. A smiling Carson makes the room seem friendlier, bigger and adds to the resale value of the space.

On the opposite side we have our gallery wall. These pieces were found from the pages of my 2016 planner, some photos and a few abstract pieces from my student. We literally just taped them up because the walls were so messed up already. Total cost for this project = $0.00.

Additionally, IKEA might as well have sponsored this post (a girl can dream) because that’s where we got 99% of our home goods like this nifty shelf. Yay for IKEA!


In the bedroom, most things look pretty much the same. We’ve added some stuff to a few walls and bought a nightstand for Alex because his side of the bed looked kind of lonely. Also, check out that air purifier– super necessary.

The kitchen doesn’t have any appliances: no stove, no oven, nothing. So where you can’t have appliances, add some plants! *Please note that the plants in these photos are non-edible. Please do not try to eat any plants you have in your kitchen at home without adult supervision.*

All in all, this has been a great apartment for us.


helpful directions for friends

We’re looking forward to moving back to Birmingham and setting up a new place. I found a house on Craigslist of all places that I am all “love struck cat eyes” about. Fingers crossed!



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