Just in Time for the Game of Thrones Season Finale

*Warning this post contains spoilers.*

At the end of last week, I was a bit sad. Sure Daenerys still has two dragons, but now a tale of ice and fire is getting closer and closer. In honor of the two remaining dragons, I went out and bought two dragonfruit. Like my discovery post about mangosteens, here I’ll show you how to cut up and eat this strange fruit for your season finale viewing party.


Hello Alex in the spoon

Step 1: Cut in half lengthwise.

Like the show, the fruit can look a bit bloody.


Step 2: Scoop out the flesh with a spoon like you would with an avocado.


Step 3: Slice into bit size cubes or scoop into balls with a melon scooper if you’re way fancier than I am.


Step 4: Enjoy!


A couple of notes:

The fruit has a pretty mild taste– kind of like a bland watermelon. The texture is similar to a kiwi complete with the little black seeds that are like a kiwis.

Fun fact– apparently dragonfruit are a kind of cactus. Bizarre!

Also, there is a white dragonfruit that looks the same from the outside, but has a white flesh with the black seeds. I didn’t show one because I’m not supporting the Night King even at the breakfast table.

Happy nomming and watching!


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