LaiTai Flower Market

Good news– we’ve found that the date we will probably be flying out is September 16th! As the weeks wind down, we’ve been trying to revisit our favorite spots and cross off any Beijing bucket list items still remaining. While there are lots of markets in Beijing, I’ve always wanted to check out the LaiTai Flower Market. I enlisted my friend Anna, you may remember her from this post- The Un-Happiest Place in China, and we headed to the market on a hot Wednesday afternoon. Luckily for us, it was indoor and air-conditioned so we leisurely strolled through.


We quickly found out that orchids were the main attraction and came in every size and color imaginable.

But as any good blogger or consumer of Pinterest should, I quickly fell for the miles of succulents.


They also had a lot of really nice terrariums that you could personalize with your favorite plants and figurines. If we were staying longer, I would have definitely loved to make one.


And a few stalls even had cool aquariums. If I were a fish, I’d like to hang out here.

Even though we didn’t get anything…. ok, maybe I got two baby succulents… it’s still a fun place to go to enjoy the beautiful flowers on display, and if you’re in the market for an orchid, you should definitely swing by and pick out a beaut.



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