Hot Plate, Good Food

While in the home tour, I may have bemoaned our lack of kitchen appliances, truth be told, occasionally we’ve made some good food. Since it’s probably still to hot to want to turn on your oven, here are 3 meals that you can make with nothing but a hot plate.

Grilled Cheese


I’m just going to say, if I could only eat 1 thing for the rest of my days, it would probably be a grilled cheese. Extra points for adding salsa or dipping in tomato soup.


I brought my trusty hot plate to school to make pancakes with my class. It was their first time eating pancakes, and they were big fans.



Fun fact, to say fajitas in Chinese it sounds like (fa-jee-tas). Easiest Chinese word ever. We’ve even hosted a couple of taco nights where we have folks over and chow down with some chips, guac, and fa-jee-tas.

So there you have it– 3 easy things you can throw together with nothing but a hot plate and a pan. Happy cooking!


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