Kids Do the Darndest Things

Teachers have some of the best stories. In this post, I’ve compiled five funny stories that have either happened in my or Alex’s class or to another teacher in my school this year. I’ve also included some cute photos from my classroom this year. Quick note: the photos are not of the kids mentioned in the stories, just photos of my last class with each group of kids.


One day, much to the surprise of the teacher, a student pulled a LIVE rabbit out of her bag. By all accounts, the bunny was precious, but the teacher still asked the student why she had brought her bunny to class, the student replied, “I just wanted my bunny to learn English too!”

My Favorite Mid-Level Class

While learning “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Alex was playing a game called “Superstar.” To play, everyone sings the song until the teacher yells “Superstar.” When the teacher says it, everyone strikes a funny pose. Some kids pretended to put a finger in their nose, others stuck their tongue out, but one kid topped them all. He hit his pose by pulling his pants to his knees and showing his booty to all his classmates. Game over.


This one was more the fault of the teacher who chose the wrong flashcards to teach segmenting. She was separating the two syllable words and with everyone repeating after her. She had gone through slide (sl–ide), blue (bl-ue), and then she saw what was going to happen and committed anyway (gl-ass) “GL–ASS” the room of five-year-olds shouted obliviously.


One of my older students made a joke for everyone: “What kind of jam can you not put in a can? A TRAFFIC JAM. Hahahahahahaha!” (the laugh of Jason giggling uncontrollably at his own joke).


A little four-year-old trickster named Tian Tian was really into a number counting game. In the game, the teacher claps a certain number of times and the students have to listen and say the right number. Tian Tian was super into it and shouting the right answer, “THREE, THREE” but I was giving another student a chance to answer and had called on the kid next to him. I tell Tian Tian that it’s Dennis’ turn. A lightbulb flashes in Tian Tian’s mind and he leans over and whispers to Dennis, “One, one.” Human depravity is a real thing y’all.

So there you have it: five of the funniest moments from ESL teachers in the trenches. I hope you enjoyed reading!


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