5 Great Things

So our year-long teaching contract with EF ended on Friday, and now we are waiting to get our passports back… remember how stressful that thing with the PSB was? In the meantime we’re chilling, watching some movies and getting ready to head out Saturday. So far here are 5 great things from the 4 days since we finished work.

  1. Farewell Dinner

It was super sweet of the teachers from my school to come together. They said a lot of really encouraging things, and it was a great end to a year of teaching.

Farewell Dinner

  1. Guo’An Game

We got to see another Beijing Guo’An soccer game. You can read about another one here.

Beijing Guo'An  Game

It was a super high scoring game, but ended in a tie (4-4). Check out this sweet goooaaaaaaal!!!

  1. Chaoyang Park

While our first few days out of work had awful pollution levels, the pollution actually hit zero on Monday, so we trekked out to Chaoyang Park and had a great time walking around and tossing a Frisbee.

  1. Shanne is Vlogging

One of our good friends here, Shanne Navarro, is a cool Aussie who is doing some vlogging about travelling and eating in China. If you have time and would like to see another perspective on China, you can check it his video on Qingdao here.


Shanne won this cutie on our trip to Tianjin last January

5. I got a new camera!!!

Alex gave me a new camera for my birthday! He got me the Canon Power Shot G7X. So far I’ve been super impressed with how the pictures are coming out (all the pics from today’s post except the old pic of Shanne were shot with the camera). I’m obviously still learning, but have high hopes for the future!

New Camera!

Trying to look thoughtful and test out the new camera

That’s about all for me right now. Looking forward to a few days in Japan before heading to the good U.S. of A!



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