Hello from Japan!

I write this from the tatami floor of our guesthouse following a full day of exploring Tokyo. Sadly my computer is out of juice, but I’ll give you a preview of what we’ve been up to with some of my iPhone photos. 

We’ll start with the important stuff…

Tokyo travel green tea latte
Like this delicious green tea latte! Alex and I have enjoyed lots of yummy food and drinks so far. Enjoyed this babe from the beautiful cafe of the Nezu art museum.

Another highlight was having some delicious sushi made before our eyes. It was made in a flash and disappeared into our bellies far too soon…

But we didn’t just eat since we arrived… Since I’m so into time-lapses these days, I took one at the famous Shibuya crossing. My favorite thing is watching all the cars that get stuck in the intersection and then swarmed by umbrellas.

That’s all for now. Expect more pictures in a later post! Tomorrow we’re taking a day trip to Hakone. Fingers crossed for skies clear enough to see Fuji! Until then…


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