Tokyo Day Trip

While I was super excited about our trip in Tokyo, I knew that at some point I would like to take a trip outside of the city as well. Early in my research, I stumbled upon Hakone– a charming area around lake Ashi with natural hot springs and partial views of Fuji. With our limited time and unwillingness to tote all our belongings, it proved to be the best choice as we could leave in the morning and be back the same day.

We started off by making our way to Shinjuku station. Everyone in Japan has been super helpful and we heard a gentle reminder over the loudspeaker, “IF YOU SEE SOMEONE LOOKING LOST, PLEASE TRY TO HELP THEM…” Basically Japan is just the kindest country ever.

We bought the Hakone free pass which was a discounted pass for all the transportation to and around the area. We both slept on the train and arrived about two hours later. 

Hakone was beautiful: cedar avenues, cable ways over steaming pits of sulphur, beautiful views of Fuji…. at this point I’m not going to make you read another thousand words, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Classic Alex eating photo coming up…

And what I think only sometimes 😉

Random pirate ship boat to ferry us across the lake,

more trees,

And ******drumroll******the finale!!

Hakone, you were too beautiful! Until next time!


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