Life Update (which is really about ravioli)

Hi everyone!

So I haven’t posted in quite a while… or actually since we got back from Japan, so let me catch you up really really fast. I’m working at the Southern Environmental Law Center, Alex starts seminary next week, and we’re living in an awesome house in Hoover, AL. Whewww!

Now the next biggest news in our life is that we made homemade pasta for the first time in our lives. Prior to this, all pasta I’ve ever cooked came from a box, but we unboxed our pasta maker and rolled up our sleeves to make some delicious ricotta mushroom stuffed ravioli.


I started by making a basic dough and adding some freshly chopped basil. Then we cooked the mushroom filling while the dough was left to rest.


Now came the really fun part.IMG_0465 (2)

We divided the dough into four parts and fed it into our pasta maker on the thickest setting. Then we fed it through several more times on progressively thinner settings until we had our strips ready to be made into the ravioli.


After that, we added our filling, crimped the edges with a fork, and popped it into some boiling water.

IMG_0476 (2)

Voila! Homemade ravioli! We added a Trader Joe salad in a bag and dinner was done!

I think in the future, we’ll try to get our pasta to the thinnest setting and not stack them pre-boiling water stage (oops!), but it was a really fun and rewarding experience.

We were joined by Garrett and Gracie who clearly thought they were awful.


If you’d like to make a pasta like this at home, here are the two recipes I based our off of:


here’s the dough

and the filling and sauce

Bye for now– hopefully I’ll get you another post soon– or at least in under four months.


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