Poke, Okay?

Coming back to Birmingham as a semi-adult has been really interesting. I work downtown, so my old college-centric view of the city has been gradually expanding. One of my favorite new spots, new to me anyway, has been the Pizitz food hall. This location is like a mall food court hit by a hip, artisanal bus. The last time I went, I tried Ono Poke, a Hawaiian inspired joint serving up raw tuna atop brightly colored rice bowls.

It was great!

Which got me thinking, I am a fairly proficient chopper of things… I should totally try this at home.

Based off this link…… I had my blueprint.

I then asked for sushi grade tuna at Sprouts market and loaded up my basket with mango, cucumber, jalapenos, avocados, and crunchy garlic peas.

At home I sliced my toppings, marinated the tuna, started the rice, and mixed together an easy creamy sriracha sauce.

Processed With Darkroom

Then we all assembled our bowls, paused a nanosecond to comment on how pretty it was, and dug in.

Processed With Darkroom

Success! I really liked the taste, and it came together in about 30 minutes. Despite its insta-worthy look, it’s easy enough to enter the week night dinner rotation. Plus, it’s a good dish for clearing out the fruit and veggie drawer of the fridge. Processed With Darkroom

What do you think– would you try it at home? What toppings would you want? I’m super open to suggestions for when we make this again next week, and the next, and the next….



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