We are *those* dog people

If domesticity bores you, stop reading now.

If you think putting a dog in a sports jersey is cruel and unusual, you probably won’t like this either.

But if you think a fun Monday night sounds like baking tasty treats for your favorite pup, keep reading.I found this recipe on Pinch of Yum and decided that Albus, with his deep and abiding love for all things peanut butter, would love them.

Alex and I started by mixing our ingredients into a dough and rolling it out onto the counter. We then went through our cookie cutter shapes until we found the perfect one– A SQUIRREL COOKIE CUTTER. Why do we have this? When did we get it? How did I have no clue we owned this?

Our squirrels then popped into the oven where they baked for 15 minutes before getting a peanut butter bacon glaze. Maybe I didn’t use enough bacon grease because when I say “glaze” I really mean plops of peanut butter on top.

Oh well, Albus didn’t mind.

What do you think? Crazy over the top, or would you try it?

If you need more Albus, you can find him here and here .


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