Our Cheap and Convenient Compost Strat

Hello Again!

Today, I thought I’d share with you a small change we’ve made in our home over the past couple of months. We cook with a lot of vegetables which inevitably ends with some scraps like pepper tops, potato skins, etc. I felt like I was throwing away sometimes a pound of veggie odds and ends after a single day of cooking. The thought of those veggies in bags in a landfill forever wasn’t keeping me up at night, but it did make me a bit uneasy. We live in a neighborhood, so a compost pit or pile was definitely something our neighbors would frown on, and maybe hate us forever. I also didn’t want to look at said pile everyday, so I did some research on it and came up with a solution that worked for us.


I started with a metal garbage can from Walmart that Alex graciously drilled holes in for me. Because we started in the winter, we probably don’t have a lot of microbes breaking down our matter, so I added this common garden friend.

Red worms are ideal because they like to crunch through leaves and other things added to the top.

We’ve been adding all of our kitchen scraps as well as a good amount of leaves and it took us about two months to fill the first can. You want to alternate between layers of brown matter (like leaves) with green (like kitchen scraps).

I use this highly specialized pail to hold things in the kitchen till they’re ready to go outside.

All in all, we’ve spent about $40 for the two cans. You could buy plastic ones for less, but I liked the look of these more. Hopefully, this investment will have us putting less organic matter into landfills and improving our flower beds at the same time, win-win!

Do you compost at home? What works best for you?


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