Kayaking to Paradise

Back in February in the dark and cold, we planned a beach trip. When we told our friends what we’d be doing, people would say, “That sounds perfect for YOU…”

Emphasis on the part where we’d be going, not them. Because this wasn’t just a trip to lie on the beach– we were planning on camping on an uninhabited key. I had hatched the plan with U.S. Coast Guard Captain Marcus. He would rent us the kayaks and show us how to get out.

We packed a suitcase full of dehydrated food and camping supplies and set off.

Due to some windy conditions, we had to wait a day between arriving in Key West and kayaking out to Tarpon Belly Key. The journey took us about an hour, and then we set to stringing up our hammocks and setting up a campsite.


The following days were spent reading, relaxing, and kayaking around looking for sea creatures.

We got to see countless fish, sea birds, rays, nurse sharks, and one BIG shark that definitely was not a nurse shark. I insisted on floating to get a good look, but when the shark thrashed a bit and Alex sounded worried, I backed off and went in the opposite direction.

We also explored around our key and took one slightly longer trip out to Riding and Sawyer Key. If you’re interested, I added a little map to give you an idea.

Keys Map Final

It was an unplugged kind of adventure and totally worth the long paddles out. I’d love to see more people enjoying the beauty of the Keys and helping support the local economy! Let me know if you decide to take your own Keys adventure! I know I’m already day dreaming about new trips to far off places. In the meantime, I’ll just plan to keep going through my camera roll finding gems like this.


Alex is claiming the island? Practicing a power stance? Looking for fish to eat?


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