Why is Cold Brew So *#&$^& Expensive?


Photo by Luis Reyes on Unsplash

I’ve seen cold brew popping up in grocery stores all over Birmingham with price tags way over $5, and that’s in a grocery store, not a coffee shop, so I thought I’d stick to the cheap stuff we make hot in an old fashioned pot. But then, I read a post about making your own cold brew. And guess what, IT’S REALLY, REALLY EASY.

Let me break it down for you in 12 words.

Stir coffee in water. Let sit overnight. Strain. Add milk and ice.

I just tried to find the original post I based ours off of and failed. But google it if you’d like to measure. If not, I’d say anywhere under a half cup of ground coffee for a large mason jar of water will get you in the right neighborhood. But play around, tell me if my ratio is all out of whack. Comment and I’ll try it your way!

We’ve been having cold brew quite often on our muggy Birmingham mornings. Do you cold brew at home? Would you be willing to give it a try?


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