Mason Jar Salads: a review

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If you’ve been on Pinterest anytime during the last five years, you’ve probably seen some iteration of a salad sealed in a Mason Jar. Often made in large batches and hailed as a savior of weekly lunch prep, there’s a lot of hype around these guys. If you’ve already tried them out and have a firm opinion about them, read no further. If you’re curious as to how they hold up for a week (or five days), keep reading.

Processed With Darkroom

Sunday night we put together eight of these for the week based on this Pinch of Yum recipe. The bottom had a lemon dill dressing, topped with halved grape tomatoes, then a layer of cucumbers, with some greens, all topped by some feta.


Here’s how the week went…

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Day 1

Monday: Not bad! The feta and dressing went together well and the quinoa was a pretty generous portion. The textures and flavors seemed pretty spot on. And as I like my salads 15% greens, 85% other salad stuff and toppings, this fit my bill.

Alex came home saying it was really, really good.


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Day 2

Tuesday: One of my coworkers commented on how pretty it looked in its jar as I was coming in to work! Win!

Also, as you can see, hoping to improve upon the fork/quinoa avoidance that had happened Monday, I switched to a spoon. Highly recommend.

Life was good, and my salad was tasty.

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Wednesday: I went home during lunch to get a few things done. Which meant I also had some leftover meatballs (not pictured) on the side. The salad is good, but if I just ate that, I was getting really hungry (read hangry) before dinner.


Thursday: Last day! In the interest of honesty, I thought I’d show you my green curry I also brought in. Overall, I thought bringing in the salads upped my veggie intake for the week, but wasn’t quite enough to keep me full until dinner. I did think keeping the dressing at the bottom under a layer of tomatoes and quinoa worked really well to keep the rest of the salad crisp over multiple days.

I’d do it again! Would you try it? Any good mason jar salad ideas to throw my way? Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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