5 Great Things

So our year-long teaching contract with EF ended on Friday, and now we are waiting to get our passports back… remember how stressful that thing with the PSB was? In the meantime we’re chilling, watching some movies and getting ready to head out Saturday. So far here are 5 great things from the 4 days since … Continue reading 5 Great Things


Just in Time for the Game of Thrones Season Finale

*Warning this post contains spoilers.* At the end of last week, I was a bit sad. Sure Daenerys still has two dragons, but now a tale of ice and fire is getting closer and closer. In honor of the two remaining dragons, I went out and bought two dragonfruit. Like my discovery post about mangosteens, here … Continue reading Just in Time for the Game of Thrones Season Finale

The Chinese Secret to Good Skin

While traveling I always think it's a fun idea to pop into supermarkets and see what's similar and different from home. In the U.K. I loved the descriptions of things-- packages wouldn't advertise plain old strawberries, they were "delicious, fragrant strawberries." Strolling down the beauty aisle in China, you'll see the usual suspects-- shampoo, conditioner, … Continue reading The Chinese Secret to Good Skin